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The Piercing Pagoda Customer Satisfaction Survey, found at www.Pagodasurvey.com, is a web questionnaire designed by Piercing Pagoda that helps them understand how their customers feel about their products and services. Knowledge is often used in many ways, but I usually wont to make improvements to customer service. This survey is completed online for your convenience.

The Piercing Pagoda customer satisfaction survey is supposed to rate the retailer’s services. They always appreciate feedback from guest clients. By providing candid answers to the web survey, you’ll help them improve client satisfaction.

You have picked the right place, cause here during this post I’m getting to share with you an entire guide about the Piercing Pagoda Guest Satisfaction Survey. I assure you that each one sort of information is genuine and reliable and not got to go anywhere after visiting our site.

It is intended to rate the retailer’s services. Piercing Pagoda always appreciates Customer feedbacks. By providing candid answers to the web Piercing Pagoda Survey, you’ll help them improve client satisfaction.


www.pagodasurvey.com - piercing pagoda customer satisfaction survey




Piercing Pagoda maybe a jewelry kiosk operating in malls across the U.S. It began in 1969 when Bernard and Bertha Cohen saw a chance to satisfy the increasing trends of ear piercing. Within the early years, women of all ages saw the retailer kiosk as less time consuming and fewer costly thanks to having their ears pierced, as against making a visit to the physician’s office.

With quite 940 locations within the country, the retailer sells low-priced merchandise for teens. They also offer jewelry for couples who are close to marrying. Zale Corporation was founded by Morris B. Zale. The Russian-born Texan opened his first jewelry dealer in Wichita in 1924.

The jewelry kiosk sells mostly 10 and 14 karat gold jewelry, like necklaces, chains, earrings, rings, and bracelets. From the primary kiosk, located at Whitehall mall in Whitehall, PA, the Piercing Pagoda has expanded to roughly 780 locations in U.S. shopping malls. The core business of ear piercing remains, as second and third generations of girls visit the kiosk for ear piercing and jewelry selections.



  1. Be ready to read English or Spanish.
  2. Have Internet access on your smartphone, computer, or tablet.
  3. Have a legitimate Piercing Pagoda receipt containing your invitation to the survey.
  4. Set aside 6 minutes of some time to finish the questionnaire.
  5. Read the Privacy Policy section before you begin the survey.
  6. Ability to recall your last experience.


www.pagodasurvey.com - piercing pagoda customer satisfaction survey



  1. Visit the Piercing Pagoda customer satisfaction survey page at www.pagodasurvey.com
  2. Next, select a preferred language either from English and Spanish
  3. Enter your survey code from your receipt and click on Start.
  4. Enter the time, associate number (ASSC), total spent, and therefore the survey code from your receipt. The primary two pieces of data are going to be found at the highest of the receipts. the entire area is going to be found towards the rock bottom and therefore the entry numbers are going to be found at the very bottom.
  5. Answer questions regarding your experience. These questions can pertain to your greeting upon entering, if you were thanked for your business, then far more. Some questions will ask you to rate something specific, like if you’ll tell your friends and family about your experience.
  6. When you are done answering, Submit your contact information.
  7. Submitting your feedback at the official Piercing Pagoda Survey enables you to urge a coupon.
  8. There is no special reward for participating within the survey, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing you helped the corporate improve itself.



The number you can call them at is 1-800-866-9700



Win coupon code for nice discounts-You will then complete the Pagoda Piercing customer survey which takes about 5 minutes. After completing their online questionnaire, you’ll win a coupon to shop for your favourite products.

Piercing Pagoda may be a leading retailer of fine jewelry from where you’ll buy diamonds and gems, ear piercing, alloy, and far more. The reviews they receive from clients are always positive. The jewelry also offering selection increased, when Zale Jewelers bought the retailer in 2000. the target is to capture greater market share, with affordable, quality jewelry and fashion-pieces women today desire. If you want to read more posts like this, then visit my site quickensurveys.com.


  • Piercing Pagoda Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.pagodasurvey.com
  • Piercing Pagoda Official Site: www.pagoda.com