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The Known Converse is asking its loyal base of consumers to supply their valued feedback by participating within the company’s web survey that’s being conducted over at MyConverseVisit feedback survey may be a good way for patrons who have made a sale at a Converse store to be ready to share their experience with the shoemaker brand and reciprocally, grab a free Converse Gift Card for his or her efforts.

One way it does this is often with the survey where you’ll go browsing and take a fast survey in exchange for a $5 Converse gift card. This is where the Nike-owned sneakers company has built a brand around offering an iconic look to generations of consumers across the planet. However, the trouble to overcome more customers can never be put to a halt, which is why the MyConverseVisit customer satisfaction survey has been put in situ.

By this, you have a chance to participate in the survey. Also, you can have the opportunity to win the $5 Gift card by taking the Converse Consumer Feedback Survey. Thus, many of us show interest in participating in the myconversevisit guest experience survey. - converse consumer feedback survey




The converse is a very known company, an American athletic and lifestyle footwear brand. Founded in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse in Malden, Massachusetts, it’s one among the oldest footwear brands within the market today. It became a subsidiary of Nike in 2003 and has its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.

The sales were divided into three types: Industrial, Footwear, and Sports goods. It has an initial capital investment of $250,000. In 1917 the corporation decided to start out making basketball shoes which made converse the cultural icon. Later, they started selling Sneakers too.

Strong market performance in recent years allowed it to post a revenue amounting to 1.7 billion in 2014 which rose to 2 billion in 2015. It sells through global retailers in 160 countries and its 75 company-owned outlets across the US.



  1. You must make a sale face to face at a Converse store to be eligible for the survey and gift card coupon
  2. You can only use the survey code on your receipt one time
  3. The survey code expires 7 days after you get your receipt
  4. You must redeem the gift card face to face at a Converse store within the US
  5. You can’t combine the gift card with the other offer, including the worker discount
  6. You can’t redeem the gift card for cash or apply it retroactively to a past purchase
  7. The gift card expires 60 days after you take the survey
  8. As a participant, you want to have the power to read and write in English, Chinese, or Spanish to enter the MyConverseVisit survey.
  9. You are required by the Converse survey rules to be a legal resident of us or the U.S. Territories.
  10.  You must be a minimum of 18 years in age or older to require part within the Converse feedback survey. - converse consumer feedback survey



  1. Go online to to take the survey within 7 days of making your in-store purchase
  2. Secondly, you must keep the receipt safe.
  3. Answer questions about your visit. You will be asked why you visited the shop, how satisfied you were with the things available and if the things were available, and whether or not you found everything you needed.
  4. You will even be asked if you needed/received assistance on your visit. If you answer no, continue to step 6. Otherwise, answer other questions on the associate, like whether or not they asked questions and provided good service.
  5. You will also be asked about the checkout process and how long you waited in line to be helped.
  6. You will be asked questions about the cashier, such as whether they mentioned the survey to you, give you some thanks for shopping there and any problems.
  7. Next, they will also ask about sale items and regular items. Most of the questions will be about whether you could tell the difference, if there were signs, etc.
  8. You will even be asked classification questions and whether or not you’ve got signed up to receive emails.
  9. You will be provided a present card; use this gift card on a future visit



  • Phone: 1 (800) 806-6453
  • Email:



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