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Visit the official online survey website at www.dollartreefeedback.com for a Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey. Every company worth their salt knows that it’s easier to stay your existing customers happy instead of waste energy trying to draw in new ones. If your existing customers are proud of your service, they’re going to attract more customers through word of mouth. Word of mouth is one of the foremost powerful sorts of advertisements.

Share This will literally take you only a few minutes only. But by participating within the Dollar Tree Feedback survey, you’ll be helping the discount chain improve its products, facilities, and services, also increasing your chances of becoming one among the lucky winners within the daily $1,000 drawings or of the three $500 prizes which are given out on a weekly basis. Each participation within the www.dollartreefeedback.com survey will cause you to be eligible for an entire 10 draws for the prizes.

There are three entry methods for the DollarTreeFeedback survey, and only two require a sale to enter. You’ll have to save your receipt after making your purchase, then you’ll prefer to either go browsing to enter, or to call the DollarTreeFeedback telephone number to enter. If you’d wish to enter without making a sale, you’ll use the mail-in entry method.


www.dollartreefeedback.com - dollar tree customer satisfaction survey




Dollar Tree may be a popular national chain store that sells most goods for $1 or less. Peoples are also allowed to choose between a good sort of inexpensive goods including food, frozen foods, snacks, health beauty, stationery, toys, craft supplies, electronics, automotive, cleaning, and household and décor, pet supplies, books, and lots of others in any of the multitude of stores located throughout the country and abroad. Unfortunately, whenever this happens, our hard-earned dollars are worthless and fewer with every passing second.

Previously referred to as “Only $1.00”, Dollar Tree Stores, Inc is an American chain. Dollar Tree focuses on selling items for $1 or less, also referred to as a reduction variety store. It’s a Fortune 150 company and its headquarters is found in Chesapeake, Virginia.



  1. Each website and mail-in entry receives 10 entries
  2. Phone number entries are restricted to at least one per day
  3. There should be Max 1 prize per person awarded every 90 day period
  4. Must be 18 or older
  5. Must be a resident of the US, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, or Honduras
  6. There Must not be affiliated with any Dollar Tree employee or be one yourself
  7. An internet connection
  8. A valid e-mail address and telephone number 
  9. Basic knowledge of English, French, or Spanish
  10. A few minutes of some time to answer the questions and fill out your details
  11. Invitation code for participating within the survey and a recent receipt from a store from the Dollar Tree chain 


www.dollartreefeedback.com - dollar tree customer satisfaction survey



  1. Check your device for a reliable internet connection
  2. Open a browser of your choice (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Explorer, or other)
  3. Enter the website www.dollartreefeedback.com within the address field and hit enter
  4. Also, Once the page has loaded, click on whichever language you’re most comfortable with. you’ll choose from English, Spanish, and French.
  5. On the next page, enter the survey code which you’ll find in your receipt within the blank fields. you’ll find the survey code at the rock bottom of your receipt within the star box. Click next after you’ve filled within the required fields.
  6. Check the code and click on Next
  7. Next, you’ll be asked to enter the shop number, the date and time of your visit, and therefore the amount of cash you spent. Don’t worry – all of this information is out there on the receipt, and therefore the website will show you exactly where to seek out it.
  8. Then you’ll advance and answer the questions within the online surveY.
  9. Take the time to answer or rate each question, because you would like to answer all of them so as to finish the survey
  10. Once you’re done, you’ll be asked whether you’d wish to become eligible for the daily and weekly sweepstakes
  11. If you select “Yes” you’ll get to enter your contact details including a legitimate e-mail address and telephone number – this is often essential in order that the customer service can contact you if you’re one among the lucky winners



  • Survey Support Email: support@gorecommend.ca



To learn more about the survey, visit the official website of a Dollar Tree survey, where you’ll access their survey too. The survey comes with rewards with it because it may be a general requirement of the corporation to reinforce its services.

So, now that you simply know just how easy it’s to become eligible for 10 drawings for the daily sweepstakes prize of $1,000 offered by Dollar Tree, why not plow ahead and navigate to the official website of the Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey at www.dollartreefeedback.com and participate in it.

The survey will take up only a few precious minutes of some time but you’ll get the prospect of providing the chain giant together with your honest opinion about what the products and services are, and help it improve for your future visits to the Dollar Tree store.

Also, you’ll become eligible for participating during a whole 10 drawings of the amazing sweepstakes which supply daily prices of $1,000 in cash, also as weekly drawings of prizes worth $1,500. You just got to have a survey invitation code from a receipt made at any of the Dollar Tree stores (Dollar Tree, Dollar Bills, or Family Dollar), and internet-connected device and to be a US resident 18 years aged or older. If you want to read more posts like this, then visit my site quickensurveys.com.


  • Official survey page: www.dollartreefeedback.com
  • Dollar Tree website: www.dollartree.com
  • Dollar Tree survey rules for the daily sweepstakes: http://www.dollartreefeedback.com/websurvey/2/rules/daily/en